A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It's a hard life being a sardine! As the leader, your mission is to guide your school to safety and food. In turn your school protects you from harm and keeps you safe, taking on all the damage!  Stay clear of hungry mackerels and eat plankton to grow the school to sustainable numbers.

Bahrain Game Jam '19 Submission

Theme: One for all and All for one

Install instructions

  • Download the zip file containing the right version for your device
  • Extract the file using 7zip
  • Open the folder
  • Double click  the nw.exe file to launch the game


win32.7z 62 MB
win64.zip 85 MB
osx64.7z 85 MB
linux32.7z 69 MB
linux64.7z 67 MB

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